Connecting Hearts

IWH (Indigenous Wealth Hub) is put forth by a group of indigenous business owners, working in service of a shared vision:

A truly connected world.

Connections are at the core of Indigenous culture. The nature and depth of connections – be they with people, land, stories, history, and ancestry – are enhanced by the wealth of our shared cultural heritage. This wealth, formed over hundreds of generations, is all about connecting people. In the pain of our modern “connected-yet-disconnected” world, we see opportunities to enlighten, and to do more than connect wires – to connect hearts.

To connect hearts.

To do this, we seek to:

  • Connect communities (indigenous or otherwise) with basic infrastructure: connectivity, roads, water, etc.
  • Empower business, sharing, and trading in communities.
  • Support the self-sufficiency of communities through social infrastructure.
  • Provide a conduit to the wider world of trade, investment, and research.
  • Be an example to others of how hearts are connected in communities and business.

Our cultural foundation informs everything we do. The Indigenous Wealth Hub builds on the rich foundations of the First Nations of Australia. These are the foundations for our values. Our culture is one of sharing, caring, inclusion, and respect for land, peoples, our elders, and for generations to come. Out of our shared understanding of our cultural foundations, vision, and mission, these guiding principles emerge:

  • We value openness.
  • We value opportunities that benefit all.
  • We value integrity, trust, and honesty.
  • We value the best in people.

If you would like to connect with us, please get in touch.